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 Rules & Regulations
Andrew King
 Posted: May 10 2018, 11:38 AM
Andrew King
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The following is the Legacy Wrestling Alliance Handbook outlining the rules and regulations when playing the game.

The rules are subject to change at any time without warning and it is the responsibility of each player to re-familiarise themselves with the most up to date rules regularly, to be as informed as possible. In addition, all rules are at the discretion of the Admin Team. For more information please contact a member of the Admin Team.



REAL TALENT: We allow all talent listed on the Vacant Roster, however if you wish to play a real talent that is not listed, this will be fine too, we only list the most common/most famous stars and add others as we go along.

CAWs: Created wrestlers are allowed in the fed! CAW's, however, must be original creations. And yes we do allow caws and reals to use the same picture base.

Dead or Injured Character: You may not sign up as a dead or critically injured Superstar. Rule of thumb, if they cannot wrestle in real life, they cannot wrestle here. However some may be used as 'Guest Stars' to further storylines upon Staff approval. Example of this: someone like Droz will not be allowed on the fed to wrestle, while someone like IE Steve Austin, would be. It depends on the level of injury.

TAG TEAMS AND FACTIONS: We also allow a single player to join the game as a tag team and you are more than welcome to make up tag teams of stars that have never teamed together in real life but they must be approved by a member of the Admin Team first, either via PM or in the Guest Reception Lounge, as we would still like to keep the realism barrier there. Don't be afraid to ask or enquire though, we just need a safe guard there to avoid very unrealistic teams. You are also, as a single player, allowed to portray a full faction, such as the The Shield or The Wyatt Family. The mix and match, making of originals factions, is allowed but again must be approved by a member of the Admin Team and may not hold any bolded Superstar from the Vacant Roster, unless prior permission is obtained. If you sign up as a tag team or faction, you will only ever have to write one roleplay, like any other single player on the roster, however one single roleplay may cover more than one match for a faction if more than one of the members is booked on the card. Factions may not exceed six members (excluding non-wrestling managers) unless prior permission is granted by a member of the Admin Team. Please also be aware that even though your faction (when various players are involved) may initially form in a general roleplay, they MUST formally form during a show results to be accepted formally and be used in match RPs. Contact your respective GM about this. The same principle goes for adding a new member or the dissolution of the faction. Please note that we have the right to deny factions such as Nexus, nWo, DX, Evolution etc. from forming, especially if it's completely new characters involved. Try and be original. It's also worth noting that when proposing to play a faction, it is at the sole staff member's discretion whether it will be accepted or not or whether all proposed members will be accepted.

MANAGERS: To claim a manager for a character, the player must first get permission. If requesting to use a manager that is also listed on the Vacant Roster as an active competitor, it is up to the Admin Team and their discretion whether they are struck off so nobody can sign up as them. If this is denied, should a new player sign up as that talent, they get priority over the play wanting to use them as a manager. Staff reserve the right to decline any manager they don't feel works with creative at that time. New players should prove they are here to stay over a few matches before requesting a manager.

CHANGING CHARACTER: Typically, we allow character changes anytime, provided the character in question is not in a storyline however permission must be granted by the respective GM or a member of the Admin team on when a change may happen. You may be asked to keep the character until a storyline/scheduled match on PPV has been wrapped up.

CHARACTER NUMBER: You may apply for up four max characters here in Legacy Wrestling Alliance

THEME MUSIC CHOICE: As a general rule; real talents may only use entrance music they have used in real life. The only exceptions to this rule would be where they have ONLY used a faction entrance music (such as Nexus, The Shield etc) or they are have never competed within WWE or TNA. To use a remix of a theme that has never been used in real life, you must obtain permission from a member of the Admin Team first. CAWs are permitted to use any entrance music provided it hasn't been used by a real talent and is also not used or has been used as a television theme; i.e: "Burn It To The Ground" by Nickelback.

THEME MUSIC AND FACE CLAIM CHANGES: If a Superstar has been in WWE but then goes to TNA or elsewhere the most recent WWE theme music must still be used. If a Superstar has been in TNA but not WWE, the most recent TNA theme music must be used, an independent theme music won't be allowed. Because of this, only CAW theme music will be listed on the theme music page. The only exception to the rule will be if a different gimmick is used and the current theme music doesn't fit. Eg: Cody Rhodes. The Admins will have the final say on if an exemption is allowed. CAW face claims may be changed at any time by replying to the Taken CAW Face Claims thread with the new information. Remember, we don't allow face claims to be wrestlers or wrestling related personalities.


SIGNATURES: You may have no more than two signatures. Nudity/sexual images in signatures is not permitted and they may not stretch the page (as a general rule no wider than 500 and no bigger than 320 height wise).

MUSIC PLAYERS: You may have a music player/bar, but it must not be set to autoplay. Full YouTube videos are not allowed, and they must be set to be a music bar only if used (set the height option to 25).

DROPDOWN BARS/MISC.: You may also have as many drop down bars as you wish. It is important to note your signature area may NOT stretch the page because it is too wide and as already stipulated within the signature section; no inappropriate quotes, text, bars etc. We reserve the right to edit your signature to comply with the Handbook.


BOARD ACTIVITY: Any account (ie. not on Leave of Absence, Alumni etc.) that has not been online for a period of 3 days or more may be deactivated without warning, or the character/s may be allowed to be taken by somebody else. If you think you will be away for more than 3 days, you should post in the Leave of Absence section to keep your account/s safe. Please keep in mind that you should be active with all the characters you play and neither should appear inactive. If we feel you're not being as active as we'd like (no inactivity over 3 days) with some characters, we may warn you or take them away.

NIGHTS OFF: There may be a week where roleplaying for a match just is not possible for you and we understand that. That's why you can request not to be booked for a certain card. This is not really taking a LOA but should you wish to do this, you should post your request in the Nights Off section of the board. If you post a quite early notice ahead of time for a night off or LOA, please be sure to remind your respective show staff before the cards of the show you will not be able to roleplay for, they're only human, and things can be missed/forgotten. Don't ask for a night off if you recently no showed a match because you probably won't get it.


NO SHOWING: No showing (failing to post a roleplay before the set deadline) will not be tolerated in most cases and action taken following such an act lays at the discretion of the Admin Team. Ordinarily, no showing shall mean deactivation of your account, unless we have reason to believe you have or will have a reasonable explanation. When you can't post a full roleplay for whatever reason, rather than no show the correct thing to do is to post a minimum of 500 words. If you know you're going to miss the deadline, and it really is unavoidable, the correct thing to do is to PM a member of the Admin Team, as well as your GM, BEFORE the deadline, or close to it as possible, and they may grant permission to PM your roleplay a little later, though it will not count in the judging process. If your account has been deactivated through no showing and you try to return to the game, you may still be asked to provide your roleplay to be re-accepted.

LATE ROLEPLAYS: Whether late roleplays are accepted or not is at the sole discretion of the assigned match judge. They will usually not count in the judging process, so be on time. If you do miss the deadline and did write up a roleplay, please PM the roleplay in coded tags (so we can post it with code intact) to your GM ASAP to avoid being treated as a no show.

WORD LIMITS: You are only permitted to submit one roleplay per match, per a character depending how many characters you might be handling at the moment.

MAKING EDITS: Often a roleplay may have a mistake or number of mistakes in that you would like to take out and this is fine. All players are granted 15 minutes (so long as it is still within the roleplay deadline) to edit mistakes and errors. Editing after this fifteen minutes, provided there are other roleplays posted afterwards, may mean being disqualified from the match. This does not mean that so long as nobody else has posted an edit can be made anytime, it just means the judge may be more lenient. Also the edit rule is for coding mistakes and errors only, new roleplay parts may NOT be added. Adding new parts shall mean automatic disqualification. We do have access to post edit logs to check this if we feel there is foul play.

REMATCHES: There is no "rematch clause" when it comes to losing a championship or other important match. Show staff may grant a rematch, but they are not obligated to do so.

Judging Process

HOW IT WORKS: In free-for-all matches, i.e: there will only be one winner (singles, triple threat, battle royal etc) the best roleplay of all submitted is the one which dictates the winner. In tag team matches, as long as there are an equal amount of players in each team, it is a team effort. Overall, the team the judge feel have the better joint effort will win the match. This doesn't mean because your partner no shows you have no chance however, quality > quantity and one great roleplay can defeat two not so great roleplays, it's happened. In larger tag team bouts (6-person and above) the roleplays are ranked in order from best to worst by the judge and whichever team gets the most roleplays into the top 3 or 5, wins it. In handicap situations, or situations where there are an unequal number of players per team, the best roleplay overall will win the match for their side; i.e: a handicap match or two players facing one player portraying a tag team.

DISAGREEING WITH DECISIONS: Please have faith in the judging team when it comes to match decisions. The only people biased to your work on the fed is you. Our judges have probably read more roleplays than you've written so they're certainly not inexperienced. However, if you lose a match and you are unhappy with the decision, please do not moan and be angry about it in the Cbox or on the forum whatsoever. Kindly request official roleplay feedback from the respective show staff. If after this you continue to create a negative atmosphere surrounding the loss, you may be suspended or banned. We are a completely fair efed and for nearly seven years now the best roleplay has won every single match and it will remain that way. If you have an ego, leave it at the door because we won't hesitate to bring down the ban hammer to those who can't take a loss.

RP Content

We want you to try your best. If you are not an expert, don’t worry. We are here to help. So if you got a question or something about RP just ask us, and we will be happy to help you. And remember the more you participate and the better your RP's = The higher your chances are of getting better matches or even winning Titles!

WHAT TO AVOID: Roleplays should not contain highly sexual, offensive or overly violent scenes. Profanity (swearing) is allowed but please only use it in moderation and in fitting scenes with fitting characters, it shouldn't be all over the place. Your roleplay should be your own work and not copied in whole or part from somebody else or any of your past roleplays.

RELEVANCE: Having relevance in all your scenes is extremely important and lack of relevance can easily cost you a match win. Relevance is about creating scenes or a story within your roleplays which connect in some way to your match, feud, storyline, opponents or even mental or physical state. Market your match to be as exciting as possible to the LWA Universe. Originality is highly welcomed and it's always great to see stand out scenes but they must also be relevant. If you're ever unsure how relevant you're being, do request official feedback when you can.

USING OTHER CHARACTERS: Players may not use any character in their roleplays without permission from the respective handler, whether a physical altercation is involved or not. This is to allow for maximum creative freedom. Abuse of this rule may result in the player in question being stripped of the ability to use characters without permission.

FORMAT & CODING: All roleplays you submit should be posted on the board (no links) and colour coded in some form. This includes intro/sample roleplays within applications. In addition, roleplays should be readable so no difficult to read font colours, sizes or styles. If your roleplay is difficult to read, the judge reserves the right to skip over it.

NUMBER: You are only permitted to submit one roleplay per match. If you post others they shall not be counted in the judging process.

GENERAL ROLEPLAYS: It is highly frowned upon to "gate crash" a general roleplay. This means responding to a roleplay with a "TBC By So and So" tag when you are not the expected person to respond.

WHEN ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE: If you are on LOA, participating in general roleplays is not allowed unless you have declared your LOA has ended but you are simply waiting for your member grouping to be changed. Tweeting and character communications are allowed provided it's not in excessive amounts.


MEMBER SEGMENTS INVOLVEMENT:This is something is very important to our site. We would like for you to get in involved in segments, not with you, turning in the work.'We want you to get involved working with other good members here on site. I know at the end of 'the day. That' why everybody is here on LWA; year after year. Giving it you're very best, week after week. We are going to make it happen for all of you! This is 'going to be a team effort working together as a Team. I know we are expecting the same people to turn in the work. I believe each week we will have different segments turn in by all sorts of Superstars and Divas from you. “Last, but not least.' I don't know about all of you.... I can defiantly "Speak, for myself".And, Along with the rest of the staff. The Game has changed. Starting today, turning in the work for your characters to be placed in the results on Friday Night Dynasty because, it's now a requirement for you to do your job playing your characters on screen. With that being said, Welcome to the real world Folks, welcome to the Legacy Wrestling Alliance!"

SEGMENTS REVIEWED: Any segments you send over first, it will be review by the general manager.If it makes sense it will be added to the Results. The general manager can refuse to use a segment for the results if it don't make any sense for him to use it for Friday Night Dynasty.

SEGMENTS KEEP IT REAL: Please try and keep your segments to the point. Remember this is supposed to be TELEVISION we're watching the LWA! Actions between words are of course needed, but two paragraphs worth of inflection and back story between speeches is not, as we wouldn’t get this in reality watching WWE Monday Night RAW.

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